About Us

C.H.E.N. Membership Opportunities

Membership in the network is a privilege that shall be extended only to professionally qualified and competent applicants which continuously meet the qualifications, standards, and requirements set forth by the bylaws.

Network Membership

Consists of non-profit or for-profit organizations or entities in healthcare. Shall be entitled to designate up to (2) persons from within their organization to represent that organization. Network members shall be entitled to (2) votes. * Annual dues required

Associate Membership

Consists of organizations or entities that do not meet the criteria for Network Membership, but support the purpose of Network. Associate members shall be entitles to (1) vote. * Annual dues required.

Honorary Membership

May be conferred upon any person or entity who has made an outstanding contribution to local health care. Any member may recommend candidates for approval of the Board of Directions. Honorary member shall be entitled to speak at meetings of the members, but shall not vote on any matter. *No annual dues required.